- Hey everyone it's Neil Patel here for anotherQ and A Thursday video, I'm here with Adam from Viewership.- Hello everyone.- And this week's question is.- This one is from Atul, thank you so much for,and I'm sorry if I'm mispronouncing your name,but thank you for the comment, this is a very simple onehow do you promote ClickBank products on AdWords?- So in general, whether you, ClickBank,for those of you who don't know is an affiliate network.They have products like eBooks and things like thatthat they sell on ClickBank or companies offer,and then affiliates go and they promote these offersand then they get paid every time they drive a sale.Here's the thing though.It's really hard to go use Google AdWordsand drive them to a ClickBank pageand generate a sale, it doesn't work too well.It doesn't matter what offer you have,there's legitimate offers on ClickBank and shady ones.Shady ones being like hum, people are gonna like,lose 20 pounds in two days, right?Like people will make false claims.- Get a girlfriend in three, you know, three hours.- Yeah, get a girlfriend in three hours,oh yeah you live in Alaska, no worries,even though no one lives two hours away from you right?But like we'll figure it out, like,there's just a lot of hocus pocus on ClickBankand most of these affiliate networks.There are legitimate ones like,if you go to conferences like Affiliate Worldyou'll find like legitimate offers.But nonetheless, if you wanna promote these offerswhether they're good or they're bad,there's one tactic that you need to do.It's called a trip wire.What a trip wire is is, you're getting someoneto buy something that's so amazing,it's such an irresistible offer they can't say no.So for example, this is a marketing video,you know my background's in marketing.If I tell you I'm gonna give you this marketing softwarethat'll help increase your traffic automaticallyby running AB tests on your SEO and increaseyour Google rankings for all your tattle tagsand all this stuff, for only $7, what would you say?One time fee.- Yup.- That's such a irresistible offer,the conversion rate is through the roof.That's a trip wire, it's like something really cheapand affordable, like you know how Mcdonaldshas those deals on certain days like, come in here,we'll give you a Big Mac for 99 cents,I haven't been to Mcdonalds in ages but,they must be running offers, or a lot of Mexicanfast food places do Taco Tuesdays, and they're so affordablewhen it comes to tacos, but you do this,what you'll find is people buy.And then if you're at Mcdonalds and they give youthe Big Mac they always ask you.- Fries, you want the Coke, yeah.- You wanna supersize that meal and all thatthat's called upsells.So you wanna get someone into your trip wire first,which suppose, yes and it has to be relevantto whatever product you're selling through ClickBankor whatever affiliate network and that will beyour upsell upon checkout, so you get someoneto buy your product and then right then and thereyou wanna push 'em to ClickBank,on ClickBank they have their own landing pagesso you gotta push 'em to ClickBank and you wanna get themto buy right then and there.Google's getting strict in which,once they get to your site, they're check your whole funnelbecause they don't want you to promote shitty authors'cause it makes them look bad 'cause it givesusers a bad experience for using Google,but in general I haven't found Google to go as far asgo all the way to checkout after they buy a productit's very rare, so you could just send them directlyto the ClickBank product, plus, they convertedand if they don't buy, you have their email address,because they bought the tripwire offer for youand not all of them will buy the other offerthe more expensive one but you should get a take rateof like 20, 30 plus percent, you wanna take all the peoplewho didn't convert from the tripwire to the core offer,the core offer being your, quote on quote,major ClickBank offer or whatever, the more expensive one,take the emails, you drip all of those people,and you sell 'em over email.And you look at that ClickBank page that sells 'em,whatever pitch they did, 'cause sometimes they'll doan emotional pitch, like oh what would this doto your life and how would it make you feel,if that's the case and they didn't convertthen you wanna do a logical pitch over emailto try to get people to convert.If the ClickBank page is logical using stats and datato make the sale, and someone doesn't convert,then your email pitch should be emotional,it should be the opposite, that's how you generatethe most amount of sales and use AdWordsto make sales from affiliate products.- And also if the tripwire pays for the traffic,in some way, shape or form or helps offsetthe cost of traffic, then you're getting allthese free leads, right?So if you're, I mean $7 is tough but if it'sa little bit higher tripwire or you know,you can have some upsells, if you can get freeemail addresses on a consistent basis through paid trafficthat's how you build a real business.- And how many products do you have for your dating company?- Like nine.- Nine.Here's the thing, once you have one product,and you sell 'em on something and they buyit'S easier to use that buyer listand get them to buy more products.So if you're on ClickBank and you finda health and fitness product that you like,and you create your own tripwirein health and fitness, you sell it,you then sell another ClickBank productand then you keep selling more and more ClickBank productsto that same exact user, that's how you makethe most amount of money from the paid traffic.Heck, even the people who don't buy,you can capture emails upon exit using an exit popupand then pitch them on a lot of products, you know,over time.And that's how you maximize your incomefrom that paid traffic.That's it, thank you for watching this week's video,if you have a question or a comment and you want it askedon next week's video or more so answered,leave a comment below, we may pick it, either wayI'll respond to your comment and if you enjoyed this videolike it, share it, let other people know about it,thank you again for watching, we really appreciate it.
Moolineo. Il a été créé début 2015 et est très en vogue. Pour ma part, ce site m’a permis de gagner 23 euros extras. Permet également de gagner de l’argent facilement avec des offres rémunérées, du cashback, et des tests de produits. Des concours sont souvent organisés pour accroître les possibilités de gains. Et enfin, le parrainage est vraiment avantageux.

Clickbank est un intermédiaire entre les propriétaires de produits et les sociétés affiliées; les deux ont besoin l’un de l’autre pour gagner de l’argent. Les propriétaires de produits peuvent utiliser Clickbank comme un moyen efficace de faire la publicité de leurs produits, et les affiliés peuvent les choisir pour promouvoir et gagner certaines des meilleures commissions disponibles sur Internet.
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“How To Make Money From ClickBank in 2015” and it do no justice to the content shared. Everyone one is the digital marketing space know that traffic (quality) is the MOST important tool for “Make Money From ClickBank” and your 2000 words article provided only few hundred words on how to get traffic. I bet you wrote this article to collect emails from digital marketers and pitch them products from CB. Bad karma for you!

Thanks! I have a few products mixed into my blog posts, and will be adding more. I have found CB to be a mixed bag so far – but need more time to see how it pans out. Also wondering about setting up more sites to follow the funnel you set up. I was pleased to hear you mention having 3 follow ups in the responder sequence. Someone else had suggested 10! I figured by 4 or 5 you lost them anyway.

Just like to add 1 additional “CON” to the list of Pros and Cons of Clickbank. Their rule on paying out the commissions earned. You must have 5 sales all from different credit card accounts before they will pay you what you have earned. That flat out sucks!. Affiliates work hard to get even 1 sale and because of Clickbanks rule, lose that money over time if they cannot get another 4 sales, the commission keeps reducing steadily if 4 more sales are not forthcoming. Clickbank has got to change that rule, which many feel is illegal!. A sale, is a sale, and the commission must be paid out. Basically, Clickbank is “Ripping-Off” affiliate marketers.

Et si vous vous demandez quel est le meilleur site de paris sportifs, je vous dirais qu’ils sont tous équivalents MAIS le site de La Française des Jeux (Parions Sport) se démarque notamment car il vous propose un remboursement jusque 100 € sur votre premier pari si celui-ci est perdant !!! Vous pouvez également jeter un oeil à Netbet et à son bonus de 100 €, disponible ici.
Autre site que je recommande vivement : Kokoroe ! Meilleure référence en matière de cours particuliers ! Vous pourrez partager toutes vos passions et vos talents ! Inscription en quelques secondes, création de cours… ça y est ! C’est déjà terminé et votre annonce est en ligne ! Des cours classiques de soutien scolaire comme les mathématiques, l’informatique ou l’anglais aux cours plus atypiques comme la danse, la musique ou encore la cuisine, la passion n’a aucune limite avec Kokoroe ! Personnellement, je donne des cours d’économie très régulièrement avec ce site !
Parmi les plus connus vous avez le site 5euros.com qui comme son nom l’indique permet d’acheter et de vendre un service pour 5 euros. Ce site est super pour se faire un petit complément de revenu. Attention tout de même à bien juger votre temps. Certains services sont long à réaliser alors proposez-les en fonction de votre rythme de vie et de vos envies.
J’ai découvert ensuite que les formations francophones étaient plutôt sur 1tpe, la plateforme francophone de formations en ligne. Et là encore, problème : très peu de formations valaient la peine d’être promue. J’ai donc fait la promo de produits anglophones et de quelques rares produits francophones. Aujourd’hui, plusieurs années après, ça n’a pas beaucoup changé. Clickbank a toujours un catalogue de plus en plus important au niveau anglophone, et quelques formations francophones seulement.
«Moi qui ai un bac + 5 en économie et finance je dois reconnaître que la qualité pédagogique de cette méthode est exceptionnelle ! Expliquer la bourse aussi simplement, avec autant de justesse et d'originalité c'est du jamais vu. On est ici vraiment très très loin des bancs de la fac ! Toutes mes félicitations pour cette belle initiative et bonne continuation.»
5:30 Even the people who don’t buy, you can capture emails upon exit using an exit popup and then pitch them on a lot of products, you know, over time. And that’s how you maximize your income from that paid traffic. That’s it, thank you for watching this week’s video, if you have a question or a comment and you want it asked on next week’s video or more so answered, leave a comment below, we may pick it, either way I’ll respond to your comment and if you enjoyed this video like it, share it, let other people know about it, thank you again for watching, we really appreciate it.