Ook kun je o.a met de tekstlink-tool bol.com links transformeren naar affiliate links om deze vervolgens in je content te verwerken. Zo zijn er allemaal verschillende tools die je kunt gebruiken, bol.com maakt het namelijk allemaal zeer eenvoudig voor affiliates om hun producten te promoten. Zie hier een screenshot van de tools van het bol partnerprogramma: http://karelsgeldmethode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/bol-partnerprogramma.jpg
If you are interested in learning the process behind building a WordPress website then you should look at Learn how to Build High Quality Affiliate Websites. This will help you not just learn how to promote but also get you going with setting up the wordpress website and then promote relevant products. Andrew’s course is a Bestselling Course and we have no doubts why. The following pointers should help you make up your mind. Think of this program like going to affiliate marketing school.

Hierboven heb ik geschreven hoe je geld kunt verdienen door e-mails te lezen e.d., maar een andere manier is om zelf een website op te zetten  waar je uitlegt hoe mensen met deze spaarprogramma’s geld kunnen verdienen en vervolgens zelf geld verdienen doordat je mensen doorverwijst naar deze programma’s. een goed voorbeeld hiervan is gratiszakgeld.nl.
I wish I could give more than 5 stars because this course deserves more stars. I have learned a lot by taking this course. I was able to complete two websites making them look half way decent because I used what was taught to create the websites in a matter of days. I still have to add content to the website but I was able to accomplish more by taking this course than I have by taking other courses. I really felt like I accomplished something by taking this course. I plan to watch it again several times. This course is great for anyone wanting to build a website. The website does not have to be an affiliate website. I advise everyone to use the same theme that he uses in the course. I will take more of his courses for sure. – Latoya Simmons
I made some money with it for sure, I was making $3000 to $4000 per month promoting anti-wrinkle offer, on average working 2-3 hours per day to maintain ads, monitor performance, do other tweaks with my accounts. Many people with full time jobs may hear that and think its amazing but for me it just wasn’t worth my time especially because with my lead gen business that was already doing multiple 6 figure at the time, just one of my lead gen site can make that much once its ranked, and it doesn’t require anymore on-going work. I can keep  stacking on my income, with affiliate marketing there was time investment required everyday to maintain a certain level of sales.
Zolang er bedrijven zijn die hun producten en diensten willen promoten zijn er kansen op het gebied van affiliate marketing. Ook al komt je business niet van de grond en stapelt de ene teleurstelling zich bovenop de andere: geef niet op en volhard in je ambitie, wees vindingrijk en laat je door niets of niemand ontmoedigen. Alleen dan heb je kans van slagen!

And finally, before signing up for any type of affiliate marketer training program, ask yourself, “does this REALLY make sense?” For example, if someone is selling you an $8 e-book and that e-book is supposed to show you how to create websites that earn $10k per month on autopilot, do you really think that makes sense? If you figured out how to create “auto-pilot” websites that earn $10k per month would you give away your secrets to everyone in a measly $8 e-book? Of course not! You’d be spending your time building as many of those auto-pilot websites you could and become a billionaire!